Why I Hate Chetan Baghat (No, It’s Not Because Of His Pen)

I hate to preempt my hatred by a display of little understanding into the musings of the author–but to be truthful, there really aren’t any except the hash-tag wars he may have been a reason behind. I have read the first thirty pages of Midnight @ Call-centre–and I pride myself on decluttering hiked-up cliches–but couldn’t go any past than that, because let’s be truthful: pile of ashes can’t be swept up in a single stroke. That’s what happens when you see a lot of Bollywood movies. Sorry, dear Chetan. So, apart from the almost-dangerous venturing into the dark-tunnels of escape-less eternity of call-centers and undercover sex sellers, I have read one of his blogs criticizing the RSS and VHP, and I thought, hey, Mr Baghat wasn’t so bad after all. Boy, was I wrong!

Chetan (I’m going to refer him by his first-name, because in my mind, he is the winsome youth, who needs to be rapped over the knuckles) wrote an article for Times of India (unsurprisingly) and called it “An Open Letter to Kashmiri Youth“. There, he argued from his position of non-glamoured, sold his not-having-sold-millions-of-copies-of-Bollywood-adapted-novel perspective on how the Valley should integrate with India.”Something terrible is happening in Kashmir,” he says, “and the recent events in NIT only bought this to national attention.” Chetan, your linguistic choice of words may have failed your incomparable consciousness of the true occurring in Valley, but plainly, it says you have never known that Kashmir was an array of pile of injustices, not until a couple of students celebrated cricket victory, not until the sound of crackers burst were loud enough to reach the ears of the centre. Chetan, honestly, put down your pen, and re-evaluate what you wrote.

This is the problem with Indian youth (why didn’t you write an open letter to Indian youth, Chetan?): one of them wrote on NDTV column that Nayeem Butt shouldn’t be playing cricket in tensed Kashmiri valley, and that was solely the reasons he was shot dead. A twenty-year-old, who had his room’s walls adorned with Sachin Tendulkar, couldn’t follow his dreams because of where he comes from, and should be rendered devoid of rights for pelting balls toward windows. That’s racism in its essence. Chetan, you never wrote anything about that: you never asked Indian army to take a step back–the collective swarm intelligence was not to carry forward a solution break-through by militarizing but by political motivation: didn’t you know that? The tension in Karshmiri valley didn’t add a bleak of grey to your home-grown hero-pen because of death of dreams, sound of woes, aborted babies: no, it happened because cricket fans fought over who should celebrate whose win. Shame on you! Shame on Times of India for covering you!


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