“2007 was just yesterday. Everything that seems what it is now was what it was then, too. What, I aged like 10 years: no big deal. Okay, may be I didn’t know Vijay Sethupathi was OR I wouldn’t have known the dude named Modi, but it wasn’t that predated. I would have been in school. I would have crushed on the same person. But hey, bring it on guys: I double dare you. Make me feel old. Go on.”

Well, you asked for it. Here’s a list of things that seems ages ago, but was actually only 10 years ago. Buckle up.

1. Kana Kaanum Kaalangal aired for the first time on Vijay TV


The series premiered on the March of 2007 and ended on the eve of 2008. Watched by young adults and adults alike, the series garnered a lot of applauses. It is being rerun again by the same television network right now.

2. Cheetos Masala Balls became a thing all around India for its holocaust Pokemon cards


Cheetos officially launched in India in the November of 1995, but became a phenomenon for the launch of its Masala Balls around the end of 2006. Along with it, its magic motion cards from Pokemon series.

3. Ben 10 aired for the first time in India and became an instant hit


Ben 10, a popular children’s series originally aired in the USA in 2005. Although it was two years later, India received it warmly with its own successful merchandise that followed the air.

4. Shilpa Shetty was harassed in Big Brother UK that set a nation-wide protest


In a series of fights, Jade Goody called Shilpa names like “Shilpa Fuckwallah”, “Shilpa Pappodam”, and kept referring to her as “That Indian”. The controversy exploded to such levels that both UK and Indian Governments had to intercede. The Daily Mirror wrote an article titled “Beauty v Bigot” referring to the incident.

5. Benazir Bhutto was brutally murdered during one of her campaign events


After a series of shooting on her campaign trail ahead of January elections, Bhutto was killed in a suicide bombing. al-Quaeda took responsibility immediately and an estimated 200 people died in the aftermath protests all around Pakistan.

6. Airtel Super Singer Junior debuted for the first time on Vijay TV


Sai Charan won the title for the first season followed by an alternated Super Singer and Super Singer Junior titles every year to huge success.

7. Pokkiri released to HUGE commercial success 


Highest grosser of the year (68 crores), the Thalabathy flick garnered huge applauses from audience and critiques alike. Next in line was Jyothika-starrer, Mozhi. 

8. Dude named Mahindra Singh Dhoni became the captain of Indian Cricket Team 


Taking over the position from Rahul Dravid, in the World Cup Series, Dhoni lost to Bangladesh, and we proved how reckless we would become by vandalizing his home in Ranchi. Australia won that year, if you were wondering.

9. June Ponaal July Kaatre became the youth anthem 


Soon after the release of the movie Unnale Unnale, the Bengalurian Vinay signed up for a series of other films. Originally intended to be a small release, the commercial success of the movie pushed its boundaries closer to 100 days in some theaters in Malaysia.

10. Pratibha Patil became the first female president of India


The 12th president got caught in a shit-storm of controversies related to bank shares exceeding their limits for her grand sugar mill in Rajasthan. Also criticized harshly for her abroad travels and vacations in tax payers’ money, Patil was forced to return the expensive gifts she received after the termination of her role.

11. Anna University in Coimbatore and Ambhal Vidhya Bhavan (AVB) opened up to wide expectations


Opened by DMK chief Stalin, the university is provides courses in Engineering and Technology. Although believed to become a major influencer in Education in South Tamil Nadu, the Government college, till now, continues to fail in almost everything.

AVB school, on the other hand, established in late 2006, continues to be as popular as it was ten years ago. Constructed on sexist principles, underage torture, proficiency-oriented education, the school is a popular choice for parents who want to otherwise ideologically induct their children into captivity.

12. Age of Empires II: The Forgotten takes Indian video gaming by storm


Although it was released in 2001 in North America, it took almost a decade to become a phenomenon in India. In fact the reach of commercial success was to such a level that Microsoft decided to release a sequel called Rise of Rajas to target Indian audience. Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties  (released in 2007) was purely for Indian audience covering various movements during the Gandhi era.

13. Orkut officially became a phenomenon with over a million visitors


Orkut recognized its Indian users by celebrating Diwali with a unique theme in 2007. A team of police in Pune busted drugs in a party through a series of pictures posted in Orkut. The Google company became a nation-wide thing in less than a year.

Haha, feel old, yet? Leave your thoughts in the comment section about things that make you feel old.



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