It’s been nearly 100 years since the first Tamil motion capture was done, and since then we have been cutting invisible onions, while driving a bee into our eyes accidentally. Here’s a list of moments in the recent past that made you punch a wall to regain manhood again.

1.When Shakti escaped deathbed and this adorable soliloquy:


What makes this moment more beautiful was the duo’s slight veer-off toward anger and resentment. Every relationship needs such a turning point to fall all over in love again.

2. When Poongavanthamma mounted that annoying calling-bell again:


Sending off her grand-daughter to that crucial surgery, this veteran actress mounts the calling-bell again.

3. When Raghu lost his mother:


When the one soul that truly understood who you are goes away, it’s really hard to find the true purpose in life.

4. This beautiful explanation to “Who is your God?”


This movie which had affinity toward what humanity is transcends any flick we have produced. An unashamed, bold rendition of who is God and where He is.

5. When Rukmani finally sees who Kutty is:


A truly iconic love-story that will occupy the shelves next to Shakespearean romance, this musical drama ought to bring back your childhood.

6. This iconic moment when a child understands what death is:


Probably one of the biggest critical acclaiming box-office opener, Mani-Ratnam drives home what love and loss looks like in children’s mind.

7. When Karuththamma gets arrested and Rosy hurts:


Opening with a cracky voice feeding poison to girl infants by a giant banyan tree, Karuththamma tells a bold tale of urbanism, rejection, love, and loss. Truly iconic.

8. When Muthu gets thrown out of his own palace:


When a man of value was tested to his wildest imaginable limits, he never buckles; chin-up he moves ahead battling against greed and power with a simple weapon of love.

9. This pain of unrequited love:


Another iconic love story, the duo driven apart, make a compromise to stand for respect for family with their incomparable love.

10. Amudha’s this single syllable word:


True courage is when there is a giant battle against evil is going on and you take part in it against all odds when you’re sure to die. What’s more courageous is when you get pulled back by a relationship as old as humanity itself.

11. When Marudhu puts his mask back on:


When you wait for a heart that actually belongs to someone else, all you can do sometimes is pick it back up and hope to risk it again sometime in future.

So Tamil has produced much more heart-wrenching movie moments, so put your glasses on and comment what made you cry.


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