From ‘Manchester of South India’ to ‘Textile Capital,’ Coimbatore had been given a lot of names in the past, but those aren’t the reasons why we love this cute little city to bits. To every guy and girl out there who has had the pleasure of growing up in this small district in Tamil Nadu, the smallest of things about this urban area are what we would gasp until our last breath.

1. Hospitality, am I right?

You know how bugging it feels when you go to other so-called “better” cities, when the auto guy looks at you like you don’t deserve to live. The warm smile, a cold glass of water in that cute little aluminium tumbler, and the short preambles in Kongu accent are all hallmarks of this beautiful city.

2.  The water is just unbearably sweet!

You could just drink the crap out, and you still won’t get enough of it. It’s got the right amount of mixture of every goddamn thing you could ever name, and I am still surprised they haven’t patented the rights of selling Siruvani outside, nicknamed ‘World’s Tastiest Water.’ (I couldn’t verify the authenticity of the information, but c’mon, we ain’t got no time for  certificates.)

3. Blink a couple of times — you’ll see an Engineering college!

It’s almost like magic — engineering colleges in Coimbatore are like McDonald’s of the USA. You have no idea when they’re being built or who builds them. One day you’ve had a terrible sleep-in, and BAM, there they are. But laugh all you want, we have some of the best educational institutions in the country.

4. That delicious after-the-tuition chat time with friends

I don’t know who invented the chat “Kaalan,” but I’m pretty sure we all love it not just because of its taste – it gives you a little time off from your tedious student activities – because we all know it, folks: student life in Coimbatore sucks, especially when you’re up for the board exams.

5. You always count on the Gandhipuram Sunday Market, whenever you run out of money!

Because deep down, you know Chanel or A&F are no match for this heaven on earth.

6. You know what lies on the other end of the loooong Mettupalayam road


You know the Queen of Hills is always there at the back of your head, and you can run to her during troubled times. The spongy grass in the gardens, the snorting horses tapping their hooves on the ground, the misty breaths are all in that category that never go outdated.

7. These wondrous vendors that saved your life


No matter where you are, it only takes a couple of seconds to spot these marvellous human beings that decided to open these petty shops — and there’s no stopping you from puffing one out.

8. You easily get irritated when your friends call you ‘small town’

Because you know you’re not afraid of adventures, just a normal human person who hasn’t forgotten his/her roots. And yeah, being a bit extra attached to parents could be annoying sometimes, but hey, who cares?!

9. And you know being ‘Small Town’ has its advantages, too


You just can’t help feel pathetic for people like that!

10. You’re polite, friendly and reasonable — because you grew up here

You weren’t exposed to too much of technology, and you know what it means to respect differences, and for this reason you will always be well-mannered among your peers. Well, that, and the “ass-whopping” you got from your parents — but you don’t talk about that.

11. You never forget where you come from

You never let go of your traditional values just like the girl at the end of your motorcycle  — you’ve learnt to live in a cultural belt, and that’s how you’ll stay for the rest of your life.

12. And finally, remember: you’ve seen and been in the rainy days of Coimbatore (and that goes into your achievements diary)



23 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why Growing Up In Coimbatore Is The Best

  1. Yeah I can’t agree more, I am a son of the soil, and living here after seeing the world, I can’t wait to come back whenever I go out of town ……you forgot the weather it’s awesome all round the year….

  2. And, of course, the ambient temperature. Guys who have to shift from there to a hot and humid coastal climate often suffer from pangs of nostalgia!
    A great tribute to the city/region.

  3. Coimbatore is best compare then all cities , you forget to add, safety city , no high pollution, helping mind peoples, good earning point, machinery and tools manufacturing Coimbatore is NO 1

  4. I was born and brought up here.This wonderful city, with its lovely climate and polite people, is unique in Tamilnadu.Love Coimbatore!

  5. Yes I it’s so nice we all Coimbatoreans are to be proud of what we are today. It is all becos of born and brought up in Coimbatore. After spending more than 4 decades now I could understand What COIMBATOTRE means in every sense. Proud to be one among the citizens of this great City.

  6. en iniya kovai, inimaiyana kongu tamil, thithikkum siruvani thanni, Annapooran hotelil suda suda filter coffeeyum munthiri pakkodavum, mooligai manam konda marutha malai, paasame uruvamagiya makkal, mariyathai mikka manushanga, (pongappa, vaamma kannu, sollunga maama, illanga chithappa, saringa paatti”), manam magizhum “poo market”, palarukkum velai vaippu alikkum “noorppalaigal” “industries”, palarum padithu munnera “Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Home science college, Bharathiyar University, Law college, Agriculture University”, 24 mani nera Bus service, kuraintha kattanathil Auto/taxi, 24 Hours Bakeries, tharamana road, suthamana kaathu, vilai kuraintha kayi karigal pazhangal, Pookkal, aadi maasam/maargali maasam kovilile mikele pattu, jadhi madha vithyasamillama sahodhara bhavathoda kondadum “Deepavali”, uzhavar dhinamana “Pongal” ………..iniyum sollitte pogalam kovai pathi… kovaiyin valarppu magala enakku kovai oru sorgam than… sorgame endralum en kovaiya pola varuma?????

  7. cbe bcum my second I studied there for five years…never ever felt unsecured evn in d wee hours…thanks to auto anna nd pasagara makkal ..u won’t find these kinda of ppl any Wer..if u r new to that place they themself ill cum nd ask..yenna kannu yenga poganum…the ultimate thing is climate…but now I’m worried the city is developing at the cost of cutting down trees

  8. Coimbatore- Its arms are stretched to receive anybody and to hug offering comfort to those who have come to start their life, I am blessed to be in this city and having grown up in its care and tender. and further I have no words….

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