10 Ways To Tell You Studied In KCT

Kumaraguru College of Technology is definitely the place to be, in case you are wondering what to do with your life, and clueless about your career; it deepens your thoughts, puts you on track, and leaves you with a lot of memories to cherish. May be because of this reason, it is very easy to predict a KCTian amidst a crowd – oh, no, you don’t escape either. Here are ten ways to tell, if you once studied in KCT (and you might not like some of them.)

1. You get excited whenever you see Taj Mahal, because it makes you think of the White Building of KCT.


And you thought, there would be an expiry date for that.

2. You fruitlessly try to convince your co-workers in your new company to nick-name the outside tea-shop as “The Hut.”please-begging-gif

Alright, I get that you could be a little attached with the Hut, but it’s time we run cancer awareness program! (And somehow, this gif makes me happy.)

3. You carefully sit on every park-bench you see, although you know it’s perfectly alright, because you remember this:


Or you make your friend to sit on it to test for safety… whatever works for you!

4. You secretly dread the words “internals” and “models,” no matter in what context they are used.

I best way to avoid this to use a muffler, and pretend that your team-leader is a flagpole with mouth.

5. When you’re asked the best program you’re comfortable with by your team-leader, and you answer “KCT Yugam” and your team-leader is like:


No, I’m not responsible, if you lose your job.

6. You’re still getting used to the unabridged Wi-Fi connection in your new company, and it doesn’t limit your access to youknowwhatwebsite.com

No blog is complete without a Winchester gif!

7. You didn’t eat for days, when you heard that Four-Corner was demolished, but you understand it’s all for the good!

It’s alright, bro! Hug it out!

8. You still try to escape the training sessions by saying, “I have to go to toilet,” or “I left the key in my bike.”

Screw this, man! I’m outta here.

9. You just can’t digest the information that you have to wear the ID card all the goddamn time! 

10. Whenever you go to Coimbatore, you take your car or bike, and pay at least one visit to the white skyline that changed your life for the better!

And you just don’t care what anybody else might say (obviously, “grow the heck up”), but you would do it no matter what age you’re in!

Please add anymore you think would sum up your life in KCT!


9 thoughts on “10 Ways To Tell You Studied In KCT

  1. As a first year student, I can already relate to a few of these. I guess I’ll have to wait another 4 years and read this post again! 🙂

    1. As a fresher we have to wait for four years to experience this as we felt some of the listed things happening to us now can’t wait to experience all but unfortunately we need to wait

  2. Being a new member if kct family…I live n my dream world…eventhough internals pull me back to normal…I get back to my dreams..

  3. Most of them are very generic to most colleges except for white building, hut and four corner. Can be more specific..

  4. Again 1 more day of thinking about KCT days after reading the blog…. Waiting to see the four corner (without the four corner!!!) in my next visit.

  5. As a fresher,I could relate almost everything except the job and training stuffs.. Hope I would be able to relate everything in the next four years!!!

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